Thin Red Line Uniform Patch & Lapel Pin

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The 'thin red line' is a symbol worn on the uniforms and fire tunics of firefighters across the world to show their role in the 'thin red line'.

This special offer is for a patch and an enamel lapel bade.

Made to a military grade specification, the patch is embroidered in order to slightly raise the white and red detailing off the background. The background colour is black with white flag outline and red 'thin line' across the centre.

The size is 90mm x 55mm and each path comes complete with a background Velcro fixing. Each patch is individually polybagged.

Made to an exceptional quality the lapel badge is made in a Black Metal Enamel with the 'thin red line' across the centre. The badge is 20mmx15mm.

All FBU profits go to the Firefighters 100 Lottery fund to support seriously injured firefighters and their families. Free 2nd class P&P.

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