Endura 'Fire Rescue' waterproof sports jacket SPORT on the back

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Packing in plenty of durability thanks to dual-layer ripstop fabric, the Hummvee Waterproof Jacket from Endura defends you against the rain season after season. While it keeps the water out, it also does a great job of getting rid of sweat when the intensity really starts to build, keeping you dry from the inside out too. At the same time, breathability is astonishingly high, allowing plenty of cooling air to flow when you need it most.

The jacket has the FBU badge printed on the right breast and 'Fire Rescue Sports' on the back. Ideal for cycle/commuter or as a waterproof to wear whilst running or training. A high level waterproof from UK sports firm Endura. 

All profits go to Fire Rescue good causes. 

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